The Mystery Box Show

Portland, Oregon’s premiere sex-positive storytelling series is The Mystery Box Show where audiences gather at Mississippi Studios (full bar, food) to listen to mostly funny, often touching, sometimes awkward, not necessarily erotic, and always true sex confessions.  In general our storytelling community is booming.  Shows like BackFence PDX, Portland Story Theater, and The Moth StorySlam routinely sell out, but when producer/host Eric Scheur went searching for sex stories in our alternative, swinging, kink-friendly city he found – brace yourself, Portland – zip, nothing, nada!  And so, the Mystery Box Show was born.  “I wanted to create a place where people who were interested in sex (and who isn’t?) could hear stories in a space that wasn’t biased toward any sexual experience.  A place that felt safe and fun for anyone to come and listen, and maybe peek inside a few windows you ordinarily wouldn’t get to see,” explains Eric.

I stumbled upon The Mystery Box show after falling down a rabbit hole that began with a couple of clicks near The Moth (actually, I was probably googling literary porn which I never really find before realizing it’s better to click local).  The Mystery Box Show popped right up.  I went to two different shows.  In addition to the wide variety of stories and storytellers (as well as the impressive production value), I was struck by the residual laughs and recollections that followed in the weeks to come – a suitcase full of bacon, a Dungeon and Dragons orgy, a girl-on-girl winter wonderland foiled by frat boys, high school students discovering their teacher’s online true erotica, a father’s porn collection in the basement.  I wanted in.

I pitched my story (more than once), worked with the producers, and I was added to the line-up for the December 13, 2012 show, one of Willamette Weeks’s  Headout picks of the week.  Very cool.

My story is dedicated to the many lost, angry children who bullied me in my youth.  Without them I might not have grown to be the fearless woman I am today.  And to the many more friends who were kind, accepting, and supportive, the ones who never seared my ears with judgement, intolerance or racial slurs.  I am very happy to have reconnected with you.

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