Inviting Desire 2012 – The Dawn of Sex

Six months ago I went down to Los Angeles for a reading of my play, Open.  It  was like riding a bike.  Creating, collaborating, crafting with old friends in Hollywood as if I’d never left.  As if the ten-year, four-child hiatus never happened.  I returned to Portland  brave, invigorated, inspired, and so on the very eve of my return I turned up at an audition.  First one in almost – you guessed it – ten years.  I have no idea how/why I even knew about it.  But I knew that having gotten myself there, having  tossed aside a standby monologue in favor of an improvised story, having swung big, very big – the experience in and of itself was a victory.  The icing on the cake was that I actually got the job and became part of the seven-woman devised theatre ensemble that would create and perform Inviting Desire 2012 – The Dawn of Sex.

“What exactly is Devised Theatre?” people ask.  Well.  It’s an artistic process, really.  Collaboration at its very best – a group of writers/performers generating  (or devising), through improvisations and general theatre trickery, original material intended for the stage which is then magically shaped, polished, woven, and performed by its creative bank.

For months we’ve been devising this show.  It’s been hard.  Sooo hard.  Working three jobs (mom, music teacher, and writer/actor) is nearly impossible.  But of the three,  only one makes me feel like a fish thrown back in the water.  Only one comes as naturally as breathing.  Only one breaks all the rules, challenges norms, invites desire.  We’ve danced, we’ve written.  We worked, we played.  We laughed, we cried (and there’s more to come of this last pairing as we’re now in the thick of rehearsals with opening night only a few shorts weeks away on November 9).  What we’ve created is a show that is guaranteed to entertain, tease, and provoke.  People also ask, “Is it graphic?  Do you take your clothes off?”  The answer is no.  We don’t actually get naked, and in fact (as of this post) there’s not even kissing!  We do, however, get down and wordy.  Some folks are sure to get a little aroused by our antics, others… it’s the others I’m thinking about.  So I’ve come up with a little survey for those who are wondering if they should or shouldn’t come to Inviting Desire 2012 – The Dawn of Sex.  Adult Content Warning!  Please exit this page at once if you are under eighteen or if you are offended by what some may consider profane.

True or False (in your head or somewhere in your own world, please – there’s no place for you to type here on this blog)?

  1. I am uncomfortable hearing women describe sex acts in great detail.
  2. Wet genitals are yucky.
  3. I am uncomfortable with words such as pussy, cock, balls, phallus, strap-on, cum, vibrator, and/or see-you-next-Tuesday.
  4. Loud sex noises (such as “Ahhh-ahhh-ahhh” and “OHHHH!”) in crowded theaters make me want to cover my ears and rock back and forth.
  5. I am uncomfortable thinking about my partner (real or imagined) having sex with anyone but me.
  6. Orgies are super-fun!
  7. I am uncomfortable making art out of women’s most intimate desires.

If you answered mostly True then, Friend, you should run not walk to our show for a healthy dose of exposure therapy.  Just kidding.  If you answered mostly True you should come to our show only after getting good and drunk.  If you answered mostly False, you’re going to have a super-fun time!(Photo by Mark Gamba, 2012) Eleanor O’Brien, Jade Hobbs, Tori Padelford, Shannon Brazil, Allison Tigard, Celeste Weber, Ithica Tell

November 9 – November 24th, 8pm at Milepost 5, Portland, Oregon

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2 responses to “Inviting Desire 2012 – The Dawn of Sex

  1. Congratulations on living your dream!

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