A Mom, a Boy, and a Bathroom

Lights up on a familiar scene, mom in the bathroom. Four-year old Teo lingers in the hallway outside the bathroom and chats behind the closed door.  Mom tries to disengage with clipped answers, but the boy persists… can we eat clouds, where do crayons come from, is the ice cream truck coming later?            

Finally, silence.  Relieved, I brush my teeth and finally begin to get dressed.

 Several moments later Teo’s voice, quietly.  

Teo: Mama?

Me: (Exasperated) Yes?

Teo:  Did you have a wedding with Daddy?

Me:  Yes, I did.

Teo:  (Quietly)  You look so happy, Mama.

Me:  Awww, thanks, Teo.  (Slight pause)  I was happy.  Very happy.

Teo:  You look like you’re looking at me.  Was I born yet?

Me:  No.

Teo:  (Pause)  I love you, Mama.

I open the door.  Teo stands before me holding a framed wedding photo which he’s removed from the wall.  A huge smile crosses his face.  He kisses the photo and raises it up for me to see.      

Me:  I love you, Teo.


End of Scene


5 responses to “A Mom, a Boy, and a Bathroom

  1. Jenifer Jayme

    Love. Kids have an amazing way of tilting your mind frombits normal axis just when you least expect it. Beautifully written.

  2. Hi Shannon. It’s Jolie. Finally found your blog. : )

  3. Very interesting. Nicely done.

  4. oh, that is so sweet!

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