Summer in Portland

When I tell people how beautiful the weather is here, they just don’t get it. I know this because they often respond, “Oh, I know, it’s been beautiful here too.” And by beautiful they mean 70’s with 80% humidity and a chance of afternoon thunder showers. One summer we were sitting in the backyard of TC’s childhood home when one of his relatives exclaimed, “You guys really brought the nice weather with you!” TC and I looked at each other, dripping with stinky sweat and far too exhausted to move except to inch the picnic table across the yard all day as we followed the shade. It was anything but nice. What I’m talking about here is gorgeous blue sky, dry air, a slight breeze and warm sunshine – too perfect. Kind of like our strawberries (with a sweetness beyond compare). It’s like eating strawberry-shaped sugar drops. Oregon strawberries hit the tongue and dissolve like magic. And they’re only around for about three weekends a year which makes them impossible to sell in stores and all the more alluring. They go from vine to hand to mouth, each one better than the last.

The beauty that surrounds us here never ceases to amaze me. We’re a short ride away from rivers, and mountains, and meadows, and lava caves, the coast, sand dunes, fossil beds, wildlife. I’ve seen sights here that have boggled my mind as if I’ve stepped back in time and I’m the first human to lay eyes on this land. In eight years we’ve still not seen everything there is to see. How could we ever live anywhere else?


One response to “Summer in Portland

  1. Magical Sarah

    tantalizing – and ofcourse begs the question: how is the job search?

    we just spent last weekend at walton lake (“caution, wild horses”) and made our way through the painted hills (john day) and fossil – where we found and identified our own fossils! for keeps! awesome!

    oregon really is an amazing place!

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