Home At Last

This afternoon we busted Des out of the clink.  We’re all together now and I feel about a million times better!  In case you didn’t hear, our boys names are Teo (Tayo) Alexander and Desmond (and Molly Jones) Sage.  Words cannot express how excited and thankful I am to have them both in my arms.  I can breeeeeeeeath.  The plan is for me to stay in my pj’s with the boys for the next several days!  Ahhhhhh.

By the way, if you’ve never had people deliver meals to your home on a regular basis I HIGHLY recommend it.  The next time you have a baby, day surgery, a mole removed, or your dog is sick and friends ask, “Is there anything I can do to help?” you simply must try answering, “Please bring me food.”  It’s the most amazing, wonderful, stress-free, fantastic gift in the whole world! 

Someone at TC’s work offered to send a cleaning lady to our home.  I said, YES!  This might turn out to be the most amazing, wonderful, stress-free, fantastic gift in the whole world too. 

Raining down blessings.  Thanks to all. 

They’re home, they’re home, they’re home.  xoxoxoxoxoxo     


14 responses to “Home At Last

  1. YAAAY! Love to all of you.

  2. Pj’s and new babies. It gets no better than that!
    Yeah! I’m so glad he’s home. Enjoy every living breathing moment of it.
    I’m going for the food idea next time I need help too. Nothing like being fed by others.
    That was so nice.
    Love to all of you………

    P.S. Tell TC he’s overdue on a blog entry. Now that the babies are home, we need his words of enlightment too.

  3. Magical Sarah

    i heard the rumour but kept checking here to see. i am so glad you’re compelled to write! we lit a special candle today because it is like a birthday. we are so so so happy desmond is home. after i rushed into the room to tell gareth he came home today, i had to change bryn’s diaper. i could hear gareth whistling “ob la di, ob la da” from downstairs! yipppppeee!!!

    we just feel tremendous relief and joy. and now the fun begins…. !

    love to you all!

    ps. i’m still in my pj’s. was it only supposed to be for a few days after his birth? whoops. listen, 6 months is the new 3 months, i’m telling you!

  4. Oh Honey,
    You Made My Day! I have been so stressed out with this Jupiter thing…
    You really made my day!!!!!!!!!!
    Love to you all.

  5. I’m so glad you are all home and together! I can’t wait to meet them! Enjoy your days of PJs and baby love.


  6. Auwsome! Yippi skippi, jump for joy, wear your jammies for days on end news!!! Enjoy, cuddle and just cuddle…

    Take care, love to you all!


  7. I had to add this! Just for fun and games!!! Hope it comes through. Follow ow follow….

  8. Congrats on getting the little guy home! I know you are so much happier now! You family is complete and where they belong. Home.
    Can’t wait to see the boys when you bring them by the clinic!

  9. I am so glad he is home. you guys have alot of eating, sleeping and spitting up to do. It will be so nice to have a housecleaner come. You have some really great friends. You are so lucky. I don’t know if you know about this, probably, but I thought I would pass it along. It was really helpful for me. They have a meeting once a month, but they have good resources and support you never dreamed you needed.


    xo Kara

  10. Thrilled, of course, you are all finally together. That said, I must quote Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”: “And now… let the wild rumpus start!”

  11. Hugs to the entire crew.

  12. Blog…Babys…Blog
    What in the world are you going to do for an encore.
    I am overjoyed by the healthy, happy, additions to the family and by the fact that more fodder will be added to the Blog. (my selfish and guilty pleasure—-among others).
    By the way, you left out of your list of pleasures: spa treatments, “carmaletas” and black tiger shakes.
    I’m also sad that I didn’t win the naming contest. (maybe next time) lol
    Enjoy. Luv to all
    See you in July.

  13. Great names! A huge CONGRATS to your whole family, we are thrilled that the boys are here and your home and all is well. Now the fun begins!
    I’ll get on the food delivery list asap, look forward to something yummy soon.
    Mary Beth, Thompson, Caitlin and Jason

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