37 Weeks!

37 weeks: my number came true!  All that’s left is labor and delivery.  Oh, and those sleepless nights.  Plus, the rest of our lives together.  Last night I had two major contractions, strong enough to make my eyes water, hands and lips tremble, and render me speechless.  Awesome.  The trembling was surprising.  It came out of no where and once my uterus relaxed, it stopped.  Maybe I’ll be one of those women who vomits during labor.  It’s a mystery how my body will react, which is so cool and exciting to me.  I only hope vomit doesn’t come out of my nose.  I really hate that.  

Tonight we celebrated our full-term milestone with ice cream cake, 80’s tunes and the lighting of our birth candles.  The girls called into my belly, “Come out, brothers!  Come out!”  I hope it didn’t scare them in for another several weeks.  During this pregnancy I’ve been surrounded by many wise, wonderful women.  Although my experience will be totally unique, I’m inspired knowing that it’s possible to birth a ten pound baby without medication, to have one’s perinea make a full recovery after being stitched together like a patchwork quilt, to keep one’s sense of humor, to be totally at ease with a c-section, to forgive oneself for getting too attached to and/or deviating from The Plan, to accept medication without guilt or shame, to do whatever is necessary to keep our babies safe.  I can hardly believe I’m standing at the threshold of something so completely intense, out of this world and profoundly beautiful, not to mention bloody.  I’m an avid and passionate scab-picker, therefore, I simply must examine these placentas.  I will not be eating them, friends, but I certainly will admire them in all their slimy goodness. 

Tomorrow night I’m going out for spicy food with friends.  Over the weekend I plan to use my Barefoot Sage gift certificate (thanks K!).  Sex is in order, of course.  It’s not that I’m trying to evict these precious cherubs, but after being inactive for the last four weeks, I’m really ready to get going.  I need to liven things up, though it’s not easy with my elephant legs and two-ton abdomen.  I’m freakishly huge.  When the babies move I can almost see the outlines of their entire bodies now – above my ribs, in my pelvis and around my back all at once.  Ooouch.  I’m sure they’re big enough to come out and play now.  But when?  That is the question.    


3 responses to “37 Weeks!

  1. yeeehah!
    I hear sesame seeds do the trick.
    On pins and needles here in LA. 🙂

  2. So the dates and guessing. I am saying the 20th, and our Sarah N is guessing it will be the 22nd!

    Loved your blog, keep it up when you can it is a joy to read!

  3. AnnMarie Dalton

    congrats on the babies, they are beautiful…you have your hands full..keep us posted on how you are doing…all my love to the whole family…AnnMarie

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