San Francisco

I’m ever-s0-grateful that my last days of 2007 were spent in my favorite city, San Francisco!  In my heart and imagination this is what the city looks like…

But here is what it looked like this time…

Nonetheless, me and a thousand other parents engaged in fender-to-fender parking combat only to dodge wind and rain, in order to brave the Exploratorium with our hapless, bounding children.  On its most crowded day Portland’s OMSI looks like a little song circle compared to the Exploratorium.  We left hours later amid mass meltdowns – dozens of parents dragging floored children by the arms, tears, shrieks, utter exhaustion.  It was fantastic!  Best of all, we were with our dear old friends from D.C. and our dear new friends from Portland. 

I broke away from the pack to see my cousin, J, who treated me to a fancy dinner and to spend time with an old college friend, P, a kindred spirit, I hadn’t seen in many years.  It was great to reconnect.  The families managed to ride the cable cars, explore Fisherman’s Wharf, see Ghiradelli Square, China Town, a trace of the Golden Gate Bridge and stay in Union Square.  This was the last roadtrip before the babies, for sure.  The pace nearly killed me plus it was a challenge finding a city bathroom every hour.  Not to mention the drive down – a gruelling sixteen hours!  When we hit snow at the Shasta pass we had to chain-up.  Inching along the ice and darkness we doubted we’d actually get there.  By the time we checked into our hotel it was 1am, which seemed to have no effect on the children who woke before 6am, bless their devil-hearts.  Though the pass was clear, beautiful and fast on the way back, we stopped overnight at a Super 8 near Ashland.   It was like a prison – buzzing fluorescent lights, unwashed bed spreads, dirty carpet, moldy shower curtain.  I’m talking GROSS, a particularly hard fall after our five-star accommodations in SF.  When asked which hotel they preferred, without skipping a beat, D cheered, “The one with the pool!” (Super 8).  Kids.         

I look forward to getting back into the school routine as I am, with a weakening back and ankles, bigger and slower than ever.  Only ten more weeks until we reach optimum birth-zone for the twins.  I’ll soon organize and re-post all of the baby name submissions.  The time is upon us.  In the meantime, happy new year!                       


8 responses to “San Francisco

  1. Sounds like an adventure! I have witnessed San Francisco as both picture 1 and picture 2. It is fantastic either way.
    I never had to haul kids through that city though. Not sure I could feel the magic if I had to do so. It’s all I can do to skip up those hills. Which I do because I am so happy to be there…
    I hope it was a great time for the family. The girsl looked happy as clams in every picture. I’m so happy they were happy.
    It makes me want to return there. Someday, I’m going to stay for like a month! I like to pretend I live there when I’m there. Ha.
    Well, here’s hoping the ankles stay within some sort of reasonable size. Your holding up good I think.

  2. welcome back! sf is a lovely city though very cold and windy (as the wind howls and whistles outside!) i’m remembering a particular july of chillyness in downtown sf….

    irie would like to enter the contest with Klaus (very german!) and Gate Fence Pearl. i would like to formally submit my names (which you already know)…. Kale and Boston.

    i think we have some contenders here!

  3. OK, I have waited long enough. Here’s my list of names. And meanings (although some of the meanings are different depending where you look). And a few comments (I can’t resist).
    Adam – of the earth
    Ansel – a God (might be a little hard to live up to, but a cool name)
    Baylor – able
    Cade or Caden – pure (I have seen other meanings, too)
    Chase – huntsman
    Colin – people of victory
    Cormac – son of raven
    Eliot – Lord is God
    Grey – grey (duh)
    Holden – deep valley
    Jaden – God has heard
    Jamison – son of James
    Julian – down bearded youth (every Julian I have ever met is really cute)
    Kieran – black
    Larkin – crowned with laurel
    Milo – soldier
    Nathan – he gave
    Quentin – fifth
    Quinn – counsel (not sure if there are too many girls with this name now that the scales have tipped)
    Reece – running (I also like the spelling Rhys – any name that only has a y as it’s vowel ranks high in my list)
    Ronan – little seal
    Rowan – little redhead (how jealous I would be if you end up with another redhead!)
    Sebastian – venerable
    Teague – poet
    Trevor – prudent
    Tristan – sad, tumult (I wish this had a better/happier meaning, the name itself is so cool)
    Truman – loyal one
    Zander – defender of men

    I think that’s the final list for me, unless one comes to me in the night…don’t worry, I will wait until at least 6 a.m. to call.

  4. Once again 2kool4skool is an overachiever. Why didn’t she sinply cut and paste an entire book of names.
    Asking this poor woman to have 20+ children just to satisfy her ego and need to win is anti-feminist.

  5. At least they were alphabetized.

  6. Wow, all of you are great, great people! I can feel the LOVE!

  7. Holy Crap, 2 Kool.
    My contribution to the name list.

    Adam- It’s just a good name
    Oscar- How cute is that? especially if he needs glasses.
    Oliver- You could call him Olly.

    Yeah, I’m liking Oscar and Oliver.


  8. OK, I added a Baby Names sidebar where you can keep posting your submissions. Thanks!

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