Holy Moses!


Congratulations Jr.!  You were the only one who guessed right.

Early this morning when the technician said, “Baby A is a boy,” I wasn’t too surprised.  But when she rolled over the next spot and said, “And… you guys are having two boys!” I was so stunned I couldn’t even speak.  We just sat there saying OMG over and over and over.  It was a wonderful feeling, totally new and exciting; we felt like married people who are making babies!  Looks like our Girl Nation will be acquiring some new inhabitants.  Whatever will we do with all these boxes of girl clothes?  Luckily, we have a nice assortment of Red Sox and Patriots garb which will be passed on yet again. I felt extra proud to be wearing my “Red Sox Future Fan” maternity shirt (which needs an S added to it) my sister sent.  Boys, boys, boys.  It’s utterly shocking.  Neither one of us can really believe it, but I feel on top of the world knowing they’re in there, growing bigger and stronger each day, the boys.     

Bring on the boy names!


12 responses to “Holy Moses!

  1. Holy Crap! Congratulations…… I am shocked it is two boys. I just knew it was girls.
    Well, you are now complete. A full house. 3 girls, 3 boys. Think of the monopoly games you can play when they are older. Everything will be boys against girls.
    Oh my.
    I am happy to hear they are both healthy. The boys. ha. hahhaha. Why does this crack me up? I am unsure.


  2. Holy crap times two!
    Love that the girls will have some boys to push around.
    So damn happy for you guys.

  3. I really couldn’t be more thrilled! Or surprised!

    Hooray, hooray.

  4. oh boy(s)! absolutely fantastic! playmates for bryn! but you knew, ofcourse, that you were having atleast one boy. you’ve always known you would have a boy.

    we are thrilled!

    it will be so nice to have balance in the house, eh?

    love, love, love!

  5. Oh you will love these Boys! The one that will wear his heart on his sleve. The one that will hug you forever and ever. The one that will want to be just like Dad. You have known the joy that is a girl, but the joy of a boy is a whole other world. I am so happy for you, my friend, that you will be fluent in both. Your house is going to be VERY Loud!

  6. Boys boys boys! Let the games begin! You might becoming my way for a get away holiday sooner that you think:)

  7. where should we be posting the names???? Do you have favorites so far??

  8. I am a bit shocked at the boy thing. I was very sure there was one of each.. Maybe Jr. truly has some pshycic abilities. Perhaps she could help me out to see my future.

  9. Okay, I have some names.

    Franny & Aster.

    Okay. Let me explain. Franny, of course, to go with Zoe (as in Franny and Zooey).

    Aster is a type of daisy (to go with Daisy), and latin for “star.”

    I know these are very non-traditional names–not perhaps very bold boyish.

    I have some others brewing, too.

    love, Ka

  10. Ka, you’re on the same wave-length as G4 who suggested Franny in a previous post. It would be extra funny if we completed the gender-flip and named one of our sons Franny since our Zoe is named for Franny’s brother, Zooey. If they were girls I would have pushed hard for Esme again. And Isadora.

    Bobby, keep posting names here so I won’t have to sort through the girl names on the other page. Don’t worry – I have all of your names on a seperate Fabulous List. And do not even tease me about coming out here twice in one year b/c I would absolutely DIE!!! Say the word and I’ll snail mail my $265 American Airlines voucher.

    I do have some faves now, but they’re under wraps.

  11. Naming two boys is as easy as ABC

    Adam Baruch


    Abraham Bnai

  12. I am a big fan of Adam as well. If I would have had a boy, he would have been Adam James.
    I also like Olliver.

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