Twins Contest Part I

One of my special readers suggested a Name the Twins contest.  If we actually used the name, the winner would be featured in a spotlight post here on Bananafish and would have a character in my latest play named after him/her.  The spotlight post would likely be a brief passage about the winner’s greatness, how I met her/him, what my impressions were, what the person means to me now, etc., etc. – that is, IF we use your name.  Since most of you are professional wisenheimers the chances we’d actually use one of your suggestions seems slim to none, however, that’s not to say I don’t welcome whatever you’ve got.  Bring it on.  But before we get into all that, it seems right to first have a Guess the Sexes of the Twins contest.  The winner would receive an announcement here on November 2nd (with commencement of the name campaign to follow).  We’re scheduled for a lengthy scan November 1st during which all of the babies’ organs will be examined.  It’s pretty much guaranteed the sexes will be revealed then.  You may apply Old Wives Tales to the following… Baby A’s heart-rate is consistently 170-172, hands up by the face, body twirling and whirling nonstop, hates being photographed.  Baby B’s heart-rate is consistently 150, legs crossed at the knees, perfectly chill except for an occasional whole-body-hiccup, loves the camera.         

Does anyone have any vibes?  Boys?  Girls?  One of each?  Anyone?  Anyone?  And as always, we should all be praying that this enormous belly of mine is not a figment of my imagination, but legit evidence that I really am pregnant with live healthy babies.  Thank you.   



15 responses to “Twins Contest Part I

  1. Well, clearly you don’t trust any of us to name your offspring. (I guess Fred and Ethyl are out)
    Here is my prediction… The twins are both girls.
    One will be the “look at me, look at me” type character and will be very funny. The other one will be off reading a book, rolling her eyes at twin #1 wondering why we are not all more concerned about the state of our Willamette River.
    Their names will be Audrey and Summer. Summer of course being the one concerned with the state of our river, and Audrey being the one who pulls her dress up in kindergarden.


  2. I think it’s a boy and a girl. I don’t have names yet, still working on that, but I can reassure jb that even if you guys don’t end up with an Audrey who will pull up her dress in kindergarten, I have one.

  3. I believe that “A” is a boy
    I believe that “2” is a girl.

    Names to follow later when the muse of names hits.

  4. A is a boy and B is a girl also—based on heart rate and legs crossing.
    Names to come…But for B I’m fond of Blue. 🙂

  5. I too think you have a boy and a girl! I see the little girl not being the shy one, but being the dancer. The little one, crossing his legs is your son, and of course at your next ultrasound he too will do it again and you will not know his sex! The wild one will be your daughter named something powerful like Stella! A name you can shout across the street and play ground when she is climbing the neighbors tree, or scaling the fence. The quiet little guy will be some calm name like River oasis or something… Yes he will be the tree hugger saving the woods for us all kind of guy! No hunter or fisherman in him! He will solve global warming while Stella climbs Mt. Adams or decides at 26 she is old enough to go to Alaska and scale Denali. She will plant a prominant well designed flag she creates on her own. Something large scale!

  6. OK. Here goes. I say two boys, just because it is my worst nightmare and I think after having two girls you could handle it! Even the playing field. We almost named Emerson Arlo, which is a name I love and sence we won’t be adding to our brood you may have it, if you wish. The other names I loved, that I made my husband promise he would name them if I died in childbirth, were Cornelius and Petuna. Thank God I am still alive… Can’t wiat till Nov. 2….

  7. I think it is either two boys or two girls. I have a vibe that there of the same sex. I am so going to win the name contest so all you other Bananafish readers be warned!

    First submissions: if they are boys–Jules (the s is not pronounced), Mattias
    if they are girls– Agnes, Madison,

    Ok so maybe I won’t win.

  8. I can only think of Agnes Moorehead with that name Bobby. That is just not right.
    Although, I do like Madison. Maybe Madison and Summer is what they should be called. It appears we allready have an Audrey in the mix. No need to copy others.

  9. Okay two more names to add to the list for the twins. Cash is the name i was going to name my son if i ever had one! After the great Johnny Cash. Also, i love the name Grace. Cash would be cute for a girl too. You could call Grace, Gracie….. How about Mary! HOly cow, those church going reltaions might love that one…

    Middle names might be: Cash William, Lots a lots of Cash, Grace Louise, Grace Lily, Grace………. go to church…… Mary Catherine from the Saturday night skit….. I like Mary….. Mary might even have a stare to her that she gives when she is not at all happy…. The one that everyone knows….. here she goes… Watch out!

    You asked for ideas. Just how my brain works…

  10. Thank you all for these wonderful names. Keep ’em coming. Believe it or not, one of those names was already on my short list. You’ll have to wait and see!

  11. Humorous choices
    Franny (from the book)
    Dacre (the writer of the song Daisey – Bicycle built for two)

    seriously to follow

  12. VIOLA, Sebestian, Hayden, Haley, Hunter, Gunner, Francesca, Madeline, Hortence, Oscar, Earnest, Oprah

    Oprah is a joke, but I am quite serious about the rest.

  13. OK Here goes… Arden and Harris, for the two boys I know are in there…

  14. Owen, Fabrice, Lulu, Zack, Zidane, Winston, Hank, Quentin, Xavier, Gabriel, Rufus, Loudon, Gigi

  15. I love Winston too. and GIG was my husbands favorite grandma.

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