No Nausea Day 3!

I AM LOVIN’ LIFE AGAIN, FRIENDS!  My doctor is a genius of psychic proportions.  He predicted this would be the week I’d feel better.  I may have been one of those women who stayed sick the whole time like poor T w/twins.  But it’s day three of no nausea and I am ready to cha-cha-cha round the backyard in spite of the uninstalled fence and my chest cold.  I could eat a rack of ribs.  (Not really, blech!)  And guess what – on top of all this, I’m pregnant.  Who would have guessed!?  I suddenly feel myself again and it seems like there’s absolutely nothing going on with my body (which makes me wonder if I’m still pregnant) except for this growing mound where my old stomach used to be.  Thank goodness for all the wonderful maternity clothes my neighbor passed along.  They fit so perfectly it makes me think I should have been shopping the maternity section since the 80’s.  Also, my dear friend in Atlanta sent me some fancy, schmancy designer maternity tees, which are miraculous.  I love them and I thank you, Mara!  The good news keeps on.  For months I’ve only gained a paltry three pounds, which was bugging me to no end since the goal for a woman of my physique with twins is 8-12lbs by week twelve.  I’ve now gained a total of five whole pounds!  Please keep in mind, this is my first pregnancy and all the reassuring don’t-worry-about-it’s will most certainly fall on decidedly deaf ears as I try to achieve the impossible goal of twin-pregnancy perfection.  These babies must be fat.  A fat twin is a skinny singleton and that’s a fact.  Z was 7lbs, 10oz and she was pewnsy compaired to D’s nearly 9lbs.  I’ll be satisfied if these babies weigh 6 pounds each.  It feels like a black veil has been lifted from eyes.  I’ve regained faculties, which I hadn’t realized were so far gone.  Tomorrow I’ll get back to my submissions and the dreaded Act II.  And by the way, I’m pregnant.  Me.  I am. 

xo xo xo xo

no vomit no vomit no vomit no vomit                   


2 responses to “No Nausea Day 3!

  1. Wow, very good news, now the energy will come back. This is the best time. You will soon feel the flutter. At first it feels like a butterfly and by 6-7 months, watch the hell out! Those babies will be kicking A right out of bed as you sleep on your side… I do remember Molly doing that to Joe! She often woke him up almost every night at the same time! Sam on the other hand, never moved which freaked me out. But, look at the difference in their personalities now…. In utero baby, they show their personalities big time. If you have rolling, watch out!

    Tomorrow I am making Cinnamon Apple pie for you. That should help to fatten up those babies….

  2. I could eat a rack of ribs:) I could also eat some of that Cinnamon Apple pie. Yummy.

    Enjoy your nausea free days! Good luck with the writing

    miss you

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