Masterful D

Would you be bowns

You will be bowns

It will be heartbreaking

It would be old

It will be found

It’s ordinary now

It would be ok

It will be safe again

My heart broke too

Now it’s time for bed

It’s OK-K-K-K-K

I’ll see you in the morning, morning

You can be my friend still, friend still, friend still, friend still

It’s going to be fun tomorrow-morrow-morrow-morrow

It’s morning

It’s OK-K-K

To get up and eat breakfast and have another school day and in the end, you’ll have fun 

-This is a song D dictated to TC last night.  (I think the word in the first line is supposed to be Bound.)  It’s part of an original set she’s working on to perform with her guitar at the corner of Hawthorne and 39th.    


One response to “Masterful D

  1. Daisy is full of talent like her mother. Will mom be making a guest appearance at the Hawwthorne and 39th St. concert? I wish I was there to cheer and applaud my little cobweb!


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