Welcoming Bryn Gawain Richardson Page

Congratulations to MS, G, I and new baby Bryn!

On 9/15 at 11:45am Magical Sarah (friend and frequent Bananafish commenter) gave birth to a whopping 9lbs, 15oz (that’s nearly ten pounds, people!), 22″ baby boy. He was delivered at home with Dad and newly crowned Big Sister right by Mom’s side.  All four are all doing well.  We can’t wait to see that giant baby!  Love and hugs.  xoxoxo


2 responses to “Welcoming Bryn Gawain Richardson Page

  1. shannnon you sweet dear thing! i was just visiting your site to add some more widsom to the gina questions since the experience is all so, er, raw for me! what a lovely surprise to see my son’s name immortalized on your blog! the little tomato is sleeping right next to me looking so very contented and edible.

    i can attest to the resiliency of the gina, my dear. all systems go, things are looking healthy and healing up wonderfullly. everything is normal. and i cannot overestimate the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor (doing it right now people) so i’m writing it again for good measure!

    thanks again for this sweet gift of cyper-announcement!

  2. Congrats Sarah! Sending you and your whole family my best wishes. Enjoy those excercises.

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