HBO vs. Showtime

Ten years we’ve devoted ourselves exclusively to HBO for its groundbreaking original series and films.  But my curiosity for Showtime is at an all-time high.  I was sad to miss the Larry Sanders bandwagon way back.  It was brilliant.  I caught it on vhs and every episode made me laugh out loud.  Another Showtime original tugged at my sleeve years later, Weeds.  Then The L Word.  But  I stayed true to HBO because we’d invested a significant amount of time and energy to Tony Soprano and the Family, among others.  We never missed a single episode of Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiam or the brutally illustrious, Rome.  Clever, dark, original!  Then came Entourage and naturally (having spent time in L.A.) we just couldn’t reisist.  Adrian Grenier is now a recurring character in my morning fantasies… love that boy.    

But I don’t know if I can exercise self-control over the latest seduction of Showtime – Californication with David Duchovny, the original smart, sexy, sly guy who’s come a long way from The Red Shoe Diaries, but not really (thankfully).  It premieres tonight and I can only speculate that I would absolutely dig it.  And it doesn’t hurt that our fave radio show, This American Life, has made a home over there too.  But we can only incude one premium channel in the idiot-box budget.  It’s HBO or Showtime.  What to do?  What to do?

I know at least one of my readers has intimate knowledge of this subject.  Susan?         


8 responses to “HBO vs. Showtime

  1. Well I am of no help. I have no premium channels in my budget. It does suck. My choices of late have been Hogan knows best (which is quite a good show, believe it or not) reruns of Friends, or who ever is cooking on the Food Network. It has been some sad tv lately.
    Although, I am now hooked on a new series “Celebrity Bull Riding”. Vanilla Ice is on it and he is quite amusing. But I have to miss the next two episodes due to travel.
    So, my dilema is DVR or no DVR? Can I really add 20 more dollars to my allready outragous cable bill to record Vanilla Ice learing to ride a bull?
    I say stick to HBO and just don’t pay attention to what’s on Showtime. You won’t miss what you don’t know about.


  2. David Dacovny yes I agree he is really nice to look at! Remember the song, “David Dacovny, Why don’t you love me?” Well I was singing that for a long time.. X Files anyone… I miss that show so much!

    As for Weeds, you are the second person who has told me they were crazy for that show! My sister like telling me, get it on Net flix little sis and you will love it! Will give it a try and see what this whole thing is about.

    I’m jelous, we got rid of all satelite and cable hook up after we became addicted to the screen, unable to pull ourselves away from it! At times I really, really miss it! Kids, they change your life.

    All for now, hope you feel better,

  3. I may be missing something in the HBO vs Showtime, but to my way of thinking at the rate of one new chapter per three hours (even without commercials) you can make a dent in the “great west coast play and/or novel” or at least novella.
    Turn off the tube and get to work!!!!!

  4. TOO TRUE, G4!!!! What can I say? When you’re right, you’re right. I will at least stare at Act II this evening.

    But in the meantime, did anyone actually see Californication last night? Was it smart? Sexy? Did Duchovny disrobe?

  5. Shannie…Late to the party, sorry!
    I saw it!!!
    Let me preface my answer by saying that I was hot for Mulder in a bad way. One of my all time favorite TV characters. And Showtime kicks booty over HBO these days. Dexter is the most brilliant show I’ve ever seen. Shan, that show was made for you. Trust me and get the DVD when it comes out next month..And watch each episode in order. I have hooked hundreds of unsuspecting folks on the show, as I’m Dexter’s # one fan who constantly questions…”Is it wrong to have a crush on a serial killer?” Weeds rocks. Those crazy Botwins crack me up. But back to the question at hand. Californication. BIG let down. I’ve not seen that many fake breasts since the last time I went to a Hollywood movie premiere. I could tell you all that’s wrong or right with the show—but I’d prefer to tell you all that’s right with DEXTER!!!! The greatest TV show EVER.
    Now to HBO. It’s been sucking ever since they buried Six Feet Under–my second favorite TV show ever. Okay. that’s a bit harsh. The Sopranos was always great. Entourage bites this season with the exception of Billy the director. Love him! What’s happened to JEremy Piven’s charachter? I think he’s one of the funniest actors ever–but not funny this season.

    Okay. Enough. I’ve hijacked your blog with my most unimportant cable TV thoughts.

  6. Juli Wittenmeier

    Ok, Shannon. Here is my first entry, because TV is very near and dear to my sanity as a mother. I would say, “why pick?’ Drop that afternoon java, or pick up a part time job. Walking dogs maybe, get your execise too. Or driving strippers around town.. Iduno. There has to be a way to get BOTH. Maybe Tony could hook you up with a five finger discount. I enjoy all those shows so much it would be like having to pick between my children. Do I pick the one who keeps me on my toes, or the one who snuggles up like an old blanket.
    I do not envy your position. I offer my house as a viewing spot. Come, watch the shows then decide.

  7. This is how stupid I am, I used my whole name. I didn’t know it would appear on the screen. Maybe I should cancel my cable and take a computer class. From now on my “stage” name is Jr.

  8. Welcome, Jr! No worries. You have a great point, which reminds me of a mantra I’ve used ever since I was a young girl… Why should I choose? / I want both. They didn’t call me Veruca Salt for nothing. I’d love to take you up on your offer if it weren’t for your sixteen cats. Allergies, darling, allergies. xo

    Susan, looking forward to Dexter. Don’t give up on Mulder yet. It might get better – after all, he’s known for full frontal.

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