Summer Reading

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I almost sprained my wrist when I picked up this book!  1,079 pages including endnotes.  Then I read the Powell’s Staff Recommends card hanging beside it, “Oh, quit your whining – you have all summer to read it!”  At the moment, it’s sitting on my desk trying to intimidate me.  

The book I’m just about done with is a great little read, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.  Check it out if you haven’t already.


3 responses to “Summer Reading

  1. That book would take me until Christmas to finish. I am currently reading one that is about 400 pages. I am on page 72 and it feels like I will never finish it. It is one of those books someone gave me and said it was great. This puts pressure on me to finish it. It’s actually picking up, so maybe there is hope.
    My feeling is; a book is like a movie. Anything over 2 hours or 200 pages is just time I will never get back. Summarize people, Summarize!! I doesn’t take 5 paragraphs to describe a barn.
    Good luck with the reading. I’ll give you 5 bucks if you finish it before Labor Day!

  2. When a book is fantastic I never want it to end! It can’t be long enough. But when a book is bad it’s torture! I am one of those people who just can’t put the bad book done and forget about it. When I start a book I feel like I have to finish no matter how bad it is. I sit there and complain about it to everyone and they always ask “why don’t you just stop reading it!?”

    Luckily, you will not have this problem with Infinite Jest! Dive in and enjoy the escape!

  3. jb, I’ll give myself $5 if I finish this by Labor Day! I’ll take a piece of the action if you’re willing to wager your babysitting hours to my Starbucks delivered to your office 3X if the book gets read by Halloween. I’m afraid that’s the best I can hope to do.

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