Red Sox at Seattle


Red Sox Nation was in full throttle at Safeco Field and in spite of the Mariners sweep, we had a blast.  Most of the game we were just waiting for something to happen, but the cheering never ceased.  By the ninth our girls were ready to lose it.  (T-ball is an hour of play for good reason).  Extra innings almost put them over the edge, but leaving was simply not an option so we bribed them with cotton candy and ice cream dots.  Ichiro: Ugh.  Manny: Ouch.  I snapped this photo moments before it was all over.   

The next morn at breakfast the joint was jumping with Sox fans.  Everyone was happy to bemoan our boys, gloat about our lead, bash the Mariners, and of course, talk geography.  They were in from Montana, Colorado, New Hampshire, Ohio, New Mexico and even Winthrop, Massachusetts – the tiny town where my parents live!  We chatted about eggplant parm at the local sub shop, the new restaurant on the beach, old restaurants, shrimp scampi, the Big Dig and the T.  It was hillarious.  I’m sad we’re not going back this summer.   

My fingers are crossed that we make it back to Seattle for the August series and maybe even hit the all-star game in SF next month!  (It could happen – it’s only a nine hour drive).         


One response to “Red Sox at Seattle

  1. Very good seats!!!!!!!
    What a pitchure!! We had great seats when the Mariners played the Twins. Of course the Twins kicked some serious ass!

    By the way I have the book on your list, not read, sitting in my basement shelf along with many unread but waiting and hoping too. Should i be be reading it? Right now i am in to David Sadaris, a friend of mine is loaning a few books by him. Dark humor, and my kinda of thing at the moment.

    Don’t forget in the next two weeks we are out! No kids…….

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