Flight Of The Conchords

We think we’ve found our new favorite guys – Brett and Jermaine from New Zealand.  If you have HBO On Demand check out the 30-minute special called “Flight Of The Conchords” and watch the series debut this Sunday night on HBO. 

But wait, there’s more.  

It’s Red Sox Nation  out there, Baby!  Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the Bo Sox are kicking some MAJOR butt this season and in 19 days we’ll be wearing our Red Sox hats, shirts, and bags as we pack up the fam and head to Seattle to cheer for our hometown boys.  It’ll be Z’s first game.  Whenever she sees a baseball hat with a B on it she shouts, “Go Red Sox!”  We can’t wait.     


One response to “Flight Of The Conchords

  1. excellent! Thanks for the thumbs up on the conchords. I was debating watching it tonight, but now I shall. (still not over the Sopranos trauma and hated John in Cinci! So I’m a bit fragile and not sure about committing to a new series–you know how it is?) So I shall tune in for sure. Thanks.

    Have fun in Seattle! I’d say go Red Sox…And I would because you know I love you…But I can’t. It’s against by Cubbies & White Sox ways. How cute is that little Zoe!

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