American Idol

It’s pathetic!  I’m hooked on American Idol!  I cried last night when they showed the final three contestants visiting their hometowns.  And when my girl, Melinda, didn’t make it to the final two I almost cried again because I wasn’t able to vote on Tuesday night; What if she lost by one vote?  Oy, oy, oy.  It’s a sorry state of affairs when television becomes such a significant part of my life.  Why did America not vote for one of the best singers of all time?  Age?  Body type?  Race?  Why do I even care?  Does anyone know why this matters to me?  Is it pure escapism?  The mindlessness of it?  I don’t get it.

And the Sopranos last week – please.  These last episodes are killing me!

I have formed an unnatural relationship with television.  Books needed.         


3 responses to “American Idol

  1. Your hooked for the same reason everyone else is. It’s mindless entertainment. It’s ok to watch American Idol. I cried too.
    The reason she got voted off in my opinion is because even though she was clearly the best singer, she does not have the modern edge. She is not contemparary or hip and this is not really her gandre. (sp) .
    And I’m sorry, but she has that deer in the headlights look all the time. If you’re gonna be an American Idol, you gotta be confident, smile, be appealing to the young crowd. She was more like ” who me?” all the time.
    She’ll be fine Shannon, she will find a nice career in something more suited to her.
    I think it’s ok to watch TV. It’s entertainment and in this world, we need that.
    It dosn’t hurt to throw a book or two in the mix, but don’t carry guilt over your TV watching. Summer is on it’s way and the tv will be off most of the time anyway.
    I got better things to feel bad about myself.:)

  2. Shannie, you are cracking me up.
    Can’t say I understand the American Idol thing, but I do understand The Sopranos. My weakness is Dexter. Greatest show ever on TV! My entire life revolves around Dexter in the summer and fall. Can’t wait to see who he kills next!!!!
    Big hug to the family. I hope I can get back there soon and see you all!

  3. JB! Ha! Very clear that you are hooked on Idol too! Ok, if we are doing the idol thing, I must vent my frustrations too! This week on the French version, La cherche pour le nouvelle star (the search for a new star) the fat white girl who only sings old fashion ballets got kicked off. I was crushed! Clearly the skinny french mentality was the only reason they kicked her off. She had an amazing voice and great presence. I was gutted! As usual I declared it was such a travisty and I vowed to never watch the show again, well, as next Wednesday rolls around I have already accepted that I am helpless over my addiction. I will be watching and complaining as usual!
    Enjoy IDOL! xoxo

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