Recent Prompts

There are a few recurring characters I’ve created at writers group.  One is a young teen considering losing her virginity to the boy she loves, but finds herself navigating the mine fields of adolescence and racism when the relationship is challenged by outsiders.  It’s from a larger work called Erasing The Ugly.  Working on this story is very fulfilling and I hope to do something with it someday beside giving it some air on this website.                    

The other new passage on the sidebar is Ghosts In The Halls and it’s from what’s become a collection of shorts inspired by the neighborhood of my early childhood.  The place is forever creeping up on me and I really have no choice but to keep writing about it.        

So that’s the latest over here.  Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, and I wrote today.  Miracle.              


3 responses to “Recent Prompts

  1. Hi! Thanks for sending me the link to your blog–I’d misplaced it and a google search for “banana fish” just brings up a million things….anyways, I love the title Erasing the Ugly. And I can’t wait to dig into the sidebar! I’m going to do that right now.

    Oh, and did you know that Jame & I really love Miranda July’s movie–what is it called you me and everybody…you me and everybody we love? anyways thanks for her link, too.

    sorry, I hope this is a grammar-free zone.

    I’m glad you’ve found moments you can carve out with writing,

  2. I loved the Miranda July website too. I was unfamiliar with her and I look forward to reading one of her books.

    “Ghosts in the Hall” was a great short. You have a gift for painting such vivid clear characters in such a short amount of time. You need to write a novel. It would be so delicious to read. I love the shorts but I always want more! It’s like having only one piece of chocolate. I want to gorge myself on your writing!

    love Bobby xo

  3. In 74 days Bobby is coming to visit us!!!!!!!!!

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