Las Vegas / The Beatles Love

A big shout out to my Sin City pals: Beth, Mara, Hillary, Allise, Dayle, Sharon and Janine!  We had the best time!  Photos will eventually post on Mara’s website so check it when you can.  Flashbacks… Allise naked in bed looking impressively perky.  Mara’s rock n’roll chic and black jack confidence.  Beth’s laugh, tarot cards and past lives.  Hillary’s interest in me, porn and her newly acquired courage (not related to the porn remark).  Dayle’s generosity.  Sharon, stand-in for beloved M, but a delightful addition nonetheless.  Janine’s beautiful smile.  A.C. & T.S. pizza.  The pool, glorious.  Casino, smokey.  Dinner at Simon (Hard Rock), awesome.  Steven Tyler, short.  Dancing at Revolution.  Allise’s Englishman. 

The Beatles LOVE (Cirque du Soleil) blew me AWAY!!!!  I could write a novel on how it’s the best show ever, and how it’s a mind-bending experience for all Beatles fans.  I sobbed the whole time.  First of all, it’s a state of the art theatre-in-the-round with an unbeatable sound system.  To hear their isolated voices so clean and crisp and booming sends chills down the spine of any Beatles fan.  Conceptually, it was perfection; Four boy-wonders embark on psychedelic journey through space and time inspired by music and lyrics of the band, all remastered and reworked by George and Giles Martin with mashes so ingenious they must be heard to be believed.  The most emotional part of the show for me was the etheral red angel.  In the first scene she floats down to touch the hand of one of the boys while a guitar riff from Julia briefly plays (Julia was John Lennon’s mother).  Later the red angel (Julia) tucks him (and only him) into bed and poignantly kisses him goodnight.  Having been abandoned by his mother as a young child this was John Lennon’s real life dream.   I really lost it during this part, but then it gets even worse!  As an adult Lennon reconciled with his mother only to lose her again in a tragic car accident shortly thereafter.  It plays out on stage in a transfixing crash.  The red angel is flung into the windshield of a Volkswagen bug which suddenly breaks apart, it’s pieces scattering across stage by hidden dancers.  Very powerful and almost cruel to do this to an audience, like kicking us in the gut, but the event was central to Lennon’s life so I guess it belongs there.  The red angel lies on stage dying then her limp body is lifted up to the heavens.  It was torture!  My next favorite segment was when the word “war” is eclipsed by the words “Love & Peace” and thousands of typeset letters rain down from four fifty-foot scrims set to While My Guitar Gently Weeps (the only song rerecorded).  Chills, more tears.  I also loved Come Together: above us a nude woman shadow-dances and tumbles (think Barbarella) on two movie screens while on stage below a man and many women engage in a gorgeous dance-orgy.  It was hot.  There is great potential for this show to become my obsession.              

Sadly, we said goodbye to six of the girls on Sunday morning.  Happily, Beth and I stayed until Monday!  Slathered in sun block we hung at the MGM lazy river all day listening to the drunken calls of half-naked twenty-somethings.  Beth had been whinging all day over being cock-blocked by Steven Tyler’s body guard the night before, but as fate would have it we happened to sit right next to the president of the Aerosmith Fan Club, Carolina’s Chapter.  She assured Beth that Steven was the nicest guy, genuinely warm and friendly,  and with this Beth was able to put the incident behind her.    

There was talk of making this an annual debauchery – I hope so!


One response to “Las Vegas / The Beatles Love

  1. Well, it sounds like Vegas. A bunch of fun and memories only those that went would fully appreciate. It’s hard to replay the Vegas trip to others.
    It’s all about tacky good times though.
    I personally have a love hate relationship with that city. Although, I will be back in October. It’s good for about 2, maybe three days then I start wanting to unzip my skin and crawl out.
    I’m glad you had a blast and the Beatles show sounds fantastic. I knew it would be.

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