David Sedaris

David Sedaris  is a writer whose work is so hilariously twisted he sells-out large literary venues around the world including the Keller Auditorium (seating capacity 2,992) where he spoke last night.  Thank Goddess our seats were great otherwise I would have lamented the evening away.  This was TC’s Christmas gift to me and it was filled with side-splitting laughter.  There are two things I love about Sedaris.  1. On every tour he promotes a recent favorite book of his which he encourages the audience to buy before buying his own.  This time it was The Zombie Survival Guide, Complete Protection From The Living Deadby Max Brooks.  There were stacks of them on the mechandise table.  I bought one for my bro, Rich, whose sense of humor might be even more offbeat than mine.  2. Sedaris loves book-signings.  We skipped the “golden ticket” reception to secure a good spot in line yet waited forever and ever, because this guy LOVES to talk.  He asked people where they’re from, what they did for a living, how they spent their week, etc., while leisurely interjecting his own stuff.  Meanwhile, the line filled the lobby, went round the corner and snaked up the staircase.  Yack, yack, yack.  But this is what makes him great.  He’s content to sit there poking and prodding things with a stick to see what turns up.  Typical of me, we ended up talking about the fight for gay marriage and the horrors of ultra-conservative talk radio.  Oy.  (When will I lighten up?)   

I love speaking with these edgy writers.  There’s nothing better than seeing them in person.  When I met Dan Savage (whose work can be similarly crass) I was surprised to discover that he’s the most handsome, sweet-faced, clean-cut boy on the block.  He struck me as a guy with a basically pure heart.  Technically, Sedaris has the clean-cut thing going too, but up close the glint in his eyes clearly says freak – in the most positive way.  I can’t wait for his next book.


3 responses to “David Sedaris

  1. I am so mad now I did not go. I would die to have him sign one of my books. I also could use a dose of good laughter.
    Too bad he dosn’t have a new book himself, this dissapoints me.
    Glad you got to go. You get to do everything I want to do.

  2. You should have said yes! There were people scalping tickets out front. We almost called you. I wish we did.

    Remember for next time and every time after: the answer is always YES.

  3. jealous or envious….hmmmm! AHHHHHH! Jealous! Jealous! Not only have you chit chatted with David Sedaris but you also have seen Dan Savage! I read his sex advice column religiously.

    And by the way, never lighten up. We need people like you on fighting the cause!

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