A Few Concerns

TC is off to Singapore today.  I’ll be flying solo all week.  I have a few concerns…

No writing.  Yesterday I subbed a few music classes for a friend – trade for the classes I’ll miss at the end of the month for Vegas with my college buds.  I’m staying an extra night with a friend and we still need a room.  If anyone has any connections at Mirage please hook me up, yo.

My classes begin at the end of the week.  I must arrive extra early to distribute new packets, collect checks, adjust my rosters, etc.  My children and my dogs will sleep soundly through the night so as to keep my singing voice healthy and strong.  My children and my dogs will sleep soundly through the night, my children and my dogs will sleep soundly through the night, my children and my dogs will sleep soundly through the night.

An old friend from L.A. is in town this week for a photography conference.  I’d like to keep my house in a reasonable state of disorder as opposed to the usual chaos.  I realize this expectation is impossibly high, but I’m trying to stay positive.

I’ll be coaching t-ball practice and our opening game (Go Marlins!) all by my lonesome.  My reservations lie with Z not my team.  She drags the tee off the plate, throws baseballs at random players and runs the bases repeatedly.  Would it be too distracting if I let her hang out in one of those portable dog kennels for the duration?  It would be filled with snacks, toys and plenty of water, of course.  Maybe we’ll be rained out.

In TC’s absence I’m always content to go on a steady diet of chocolate, however, I expect the girls will need a sleep aid to balance my feel-good regime and cutting those little pills exactly in half is tricky business.

No time for spell check.  We’re off to the airport now.  Wish me luck.


3 responses to “A Few Concerns

  1. Don’t worry about cutting the pills, just pick up a pill-splitter at the pharmacy…click and it’s done, simple as that, one for D one for Z…other than that it sounds like you pretty much have everything under control =)

  2. Linda lovelace

    why don’t you get to go to singapore. When is TC going to bring the family to one of these exotic places. I can so picture you in some jungle with your babies. you rock.

  3. E – good advice.

    LL – if we had the papers (papers meaning money according to late 90’s hip hop speak) for all of us to fly to Singapore we certainly would have opted for Paris on your big day. xo

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