Finding The Time

“Make time to write – just do it,” they say.  Every Monday there’s a reason I can’t write (sick nanny, sick child, school meetings).  And the one hour a day Z sleeps is not even enough time to clear a walking path to my study.  Oh!  I have a study now.  TC made it for me.  He dug out the guest room and re-piled its contents all over the house.  I have a table, chair, lamp and window.  A room of my own.  My back faces the door.  This is a challenge since I’m one of those people who feel uneasy if I can’t see the main entrance.  But at home I’ve learned that not facing the chaos in back of me is a good thing.  And speaking of chaos…

Z (2) came to work with me this morning while I subbed two music classes.  Toward the end I sang Shady Grove (a lullaby Z’s demanded for the last four hundred, seventy-two bedtimes).  It was a safe bet and I was shocked when she collapsed and burst into tears.  Maybe she thought I was trying to force her to sleep.  Abandoning the song was not an option.  Families had joined-in, working hard to out-sing the tantrum.  Strings of snot and saliva dangled from Z’s blotched face.  I cut bait and went straight into the Goodbye Song.  This caused Z to roll around the floor, kicking and screaming, “Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!”  After class I got a few simpatico pats on the back.  One parent offered to stay and help during the next class.   

It’s not easy being two.

It’s not easy finding time.          


3 responses to “Finding The Time

  1. Oh my goodness, that is something else, that Shady Grove does that to her. Maybe you need a different bed time song! I used to sing her “you are my sunshine” when I put her to bed when she was just a little thing!
    Well, sorry you are having trouble finding time to write. That has got to be frustrating.
    But, you have your own study, and your own home office over here whenever you need it! So, maybe at some point, you can make use of both of them.
    Hang in there! We are all still waiting for a peek at scene 1.

  2. I suck dirty bum. Is that too vulgar for the blog??? I hope so:)

    Anyway, that’s my way of saying sorry. I promise not to give you any more “make time to write lectures.” But the bright side is, we only pressure you because we are fans of your work.

    I definitely thing Z was crying because she thought the bedtime song was a cue for her to take a nap during the class.

    I am scared to sign my name now that I mentioned bums on the blog!

  3. Thank you for asking, Edith: YES, your comment is too vulgar for my blog. I appreciate all seven of my readers and look forward to hearing from you again minus the smelly and disturbing visual. Suck what you must, but dirty bums are chock full of germs, friend. Stay away. xo

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