A New Work Space

Writing in cafes was becoming increasingly difficult, but thanks to JoJo I now have a quiet, tidy place to write!  I’ll soak in the solitude of her house on Mondays 9-4 while she’s at the office.  I got keyed Saturday.  It was faster than I expected, but that’s ok – I’m a woman with a work space now.  As expected my first session was a bit slow.  I mostly wandered around staring at pictures of Johnny Depp, reading inspirational quotes, admiring the order of things.  I warmed up with a few emails then got cracking on the play only to realize I’d forgotten my storyboard.  Later I forgot my cell phone and made TC drive with me all the way back to JoJo’s only to realize it was in my pocket.  I didn’t tell.  

The next big task is transposing the play onto Finaldraft which I’m finally able to purchase.  Thanks to all of you for your support and your excited emails.  It’s fantastic to be surrounded by such positive energy.  Some of you have expressed interest in reading Open.  Unfortunately, it’s not yet fit for readers, but (weeks from now) when its reformatted I’ll do my best to post a little something.                

Big stuff happening around town this month and next: Vanya at A.R.T. (starring creative director, Allen Nause and William Hurt), playwright Suzan-Lori Parks (a true innovator) is part of the Literary Arts lecture series and there’s a Wendy Wasserstein tribute at Profile Theatre.  David Sedaris is coming to Literary Arts in April.  I’ll be going to all of these, little black notebook in hand.  I wish I could link these events, but I don’t know how to do that yet.  Sorry.  

“Fun with Barbie & Ken” is the latest prompt on my Shorts page.



2 responses to “A New Work Space

  1. You’ve got to quit staring at Johny Depp! you’ll never get your play written. I’m sorry he is posted in such large form throughout my house, making it difficult to concentrate, but you must overcome his powers.


  2. I love David Sedaris! Did you know he lives in Paris? He adopted a son a few years back with his partner. You must go and check out what he has to say in April.

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