Anthony’s grandmother died December 27th.  She was sweetness and sass, a joy to know.   Her life was long and full, but everyone is still sad to see her go.  A few months ago I wrote a piece about her.  It’s called At Nana’s House (under my Shorts page). 

 That said, this blog is definitely Depressing!  TonyC’s blog is light and airy.  Stephen’s blog is filled with cool graphics to balance its philosophic tone.  JoJo’s blog is a nice blend of rant and inspiration.  But the Bananafish, the Bananafish is depressing.  I guess that’s what I get for naming my site after a character who commits suicide.

Or could it be I am in fact a deeply sad person?           


4 responses to “Depressing

  1. you are not a sad person, but maybe great art just comes from a dark or sad place.
    your piece that you wrote about nana was quietly and attentively read by the madre. i watched her read it and could see the appreciation in her eyes. i’m not sure how to best express her appreciation for the small reminders of her mother such as yours but i do know that you have truly touched her heart. thank you. all my love, always. tc.

  2. alone, late at night, on the rock when i should be sleeping i have finally found a peacful moment in which to your blog. it is as beautiful as you are.
    although finding time to do your writing is often a seemingly impossible task you have managed to eek out little slices of time to do so and have put something together that is a engaging and thought provoking to read. i hope that in this coming year we can find a way to give you more of the time you both need and deserve.

  3. i would never imagine using the words “deeply sad” to describe you. but indeed, i think art comes from the places in us that are rich with emotion. in that sense, maybe you are deeply sad – and the writing is lifting the sad out to the surface where it can be released. congratulations on your blog and your dedication to your craft. you are a gift to us. love, sarah

  4. So sorry to hear about your loss. Please give my Anth a hug for me.
    And no. You are not a sad person.
    BTW–I’m in Portland for this photo thing April 11-15th. Hope to see you guys if you’re around.

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